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The Student Essay Prize is open to teams of undergraduate students or individual graduate students or Phd Students(all over the world) who have inventions in the field of Health or Medical informatics. Interested students are encouraged to submit and present their papers as the first author. A full paper will be considered for the student essay prize competition if it meets the following criteria. 

Rules of eligibility for the Student Essay Prize competition are as follows:

1.  To be fair, students will be divided into 3 groups based on their degree for the competition: Undergraduate Group, Master Group and Phd Group. Best essay prize will be chosen from each group.

2.  The presenting author must have been enrolled in an educational program leading to a degree at the time.

3. The student must have played a substantive role in the submitted paper, including the conception and implementation of the research project and so on.

4.  If accepted for presentation, the student must be the presentor of the oral presentation and must register it at the meeting.

5.  Please note that all accepted full papers for the Student Essay Prize Competition will be oral presentations.

If you want to join in the Student Essay Prize Competition, please announce that when you submit your paper. For more information, contact: icmhi@cbees.net 

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Submission Method

1. Electronic Submission System ( .pdf) Formatting Instructions (DOC)
2.  icmhi@cbees.net

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Conference Secretary:  Ms. Alice Lin
ICMHI 2019  E-mail: icmhi@cbees.net
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